Sept 6th: New Paintings updated:
              "Immateria", oil on panel, 2013
              "Under its Own Weight", oil on panel 2013
August 26th: New Show added in Biography:
                    2013 It's About Time: Past, Present, and Future,
                             St Charles Community College,
                             St Charles, MO
March 1st: New Show added in Biography:
                 2013 Graphic Content, Jacoby Arts Center,
                          Alton, IL
January 30th: New Paintings updated:
                     "We Built This City", oil on panel, 2013
                     "Duck and Cover", oil on panel, 2013

January 14th: New Show added in Biography:
                     2013 Misperception, Art St Louis, St Louis, MO

August 10th: New Shows added in Biography:
                    2012 Illinois State Fair, Professional Exhibit,
                             Springfield, IL, 3rd place - painting
                    2012 Contemporary Artists Respond to
                             Art History, Edwardsville Arts Center,
                             Edwardsville, IL

June 29th: New Show added in Biography:
                2012 Intersecting Narratives, Duane Reed Gallery
                         St Louis,MO

January 20th: New Show added in Biography:
                     2012 Awards of Excellence, Jacoby Arts Center,
                              Alton, Illinois

January 14th: New Paintings updated:
                    "Transmission: alpha omega" oil on panel, 2012
                    "Mannahatta Project", oil on panel 2012
                    "Preemptive Schematics", oil on panel, 2012
                    "The Levittown Hydra", oil on panel, 2012
August 30th: New Paintings updated:
                    "Danger! High Voltage!, oil on panel, 2011
                    "Telesma of Considerable Concern",
                                                          oil on panel, 2011
                    "Prometheus", oil on panel, 2011
August 30th: New Shows added in Biography:
                    2011 Faculty Show,
                             Lewis and Clark Community College,
                             Godfrey, Illinois
                    2011 Adjunct Faculty Show, New Wagner
                             Gallery, Edwardsville, Illinois

July 15th: New Show added in Biography:
               2011 7th Annual Juried Exhibition,
                        Jacoby Arts Center, Alton, Illinois

March 11th: Guest Speaker, "Rembrandt Society Convention",
                    Collinsville, Illinois
January 18th: New Show added in Biography:
                     2011 Source and Destination, Gallery of                               Contemporary Art, St Louis Community                               College, St Louis, MO
October 28th: New Paintings Updated:
                      "1-Up", oil on panel, 2010
                      "Keeping the Boogeyman Out",
                                                        oil on panel, 2010
                      "Transatlantic Token", oil on panel, 2010

August 30th: New Paintings Updated:
                    "Bypass", oil on panel, 2010

July 6th: New Shows added in Biography:
             2010 EAC No 1. All Media Art Exhibition,                       Edwardsville Arts Center, Edwardsville, Illinois
             2010 Summer Faculty Exhibition,
                      New Wagner Gallery,
                      Edwardsville, Illinois

 January 9th: Old Works Updated, 32 works from 2001-2006

 November 23rd: New Shows added in Biography:
                           2009 Alumni Painting of SIUE,
                                    Edwardsville, Illinois
                           2009 Faculty Show Lewis and Clark
                                    Community College, Godfrey, Illinois

November 23rd: New Paintings Updated
                           "Checks and Balances" oil on panel, 2009
                           "Great Power, Great Responsibility",
                                                               oil on panel, 2009

October 8th: New Shows added in Biography:
                     2009 Small Works, Jacoby Arts Center,
                              Alton, Illinois
                     2009 Fall Invitational, Edwardsville Art Center,
                              Edwardsville, Illinois

August 30th:  New Show added in Biography:
                     2009 Adjunct Faculty Show,
                              New Wagner Gallery,
                              Edwardsville, Illinois

August 16th:  New Artists added in Links

July 28th:  New Show added in Biography:
                2009 Fourth Friday Art Walk,
                         Joseph Sisters Gallery,
                         Ste Genevieve, Missouri

July 20th:  New Show added in Biography:
                2009 Featured Artist Series, Soulard Art Market,
                        St Louis, Missouri

July 3rd:  New Shows added in Biography:
               2009 5th Annual Juried Exhibition, Jacoby Arts                         Center, Alton, Illinois
               2009 Communiqué, RMD Gallery,
                        Springfield, Illinois

May 20th:  New Paintings Updated
                  "On a Pale Horse", oil on panel, 2009

May 20th:  Site is up! Enjoy and email with comments,                  concerns, and questions!


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